MIKE PENCE IS THE REAL EXTREMIST ON THE GOP TICKET: Just look at his trail of victims in Indiana.

As you know, 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence for vice president.   This means that we now need to make sure the American people know the truth about Pence—and what a Trump-Pence administration would mean.

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Who are we?

Pence Must Go is a Political Action Committee (PAC) started for the sole purpose of preventing the re-election of Mike Pence for Indiana State Governor.

Where does the money go?

After the 2016 election is over and the PAC is dissolved, sales from the “EXPEL PENCE” yard signs will go to a teacher organization, sales from the “WOMEN’S HEALTH MATTERS” yard signs will go to Planned Parenthood, sales from all other merchandise and the generous donations will be used entirely for LGBT organizations.


Check out our ‘WAYS TO HELP‘ page for information about donations, adopting a Billboard, awesome PMG merchandise, upcoming rallies, volunteer opportunities, and other ways you can be part of the PENCE MUST GO movement.